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  • Mothers looking to find or reconnect with their daughters
  • Mothers looking to find or reconnect with their sons
  • I’m looking for my father who doesn’t know I exist
  • I’m looking to find or reconnect with my father dad who knows I exist
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    1. My name is Ntombevangeli Nkani I am 27 years old I was born 22 February 1992, I was born at Kokstad(KwaZulu Natal), my mother’s name was Zukiswa Phindela , who went to school Mount Currie in Kokstad , she used to live at a place we call Masosheni, (Farm of Agriculture), I am looking for my father I don’t know him, but I will be very happy to meet him

  1. My name is Ashley O’Dell i am 28 yrs old and i live in Tx. My purpose on here is to find my mother. I know she is in Las Vegas Nevada fighting a addiction in the streets her name is Angelia O’Dell goes by Angie i been looking for 15 yrs and just got vegas as my lead. please help

  2. My name is Emily Nicole Smith, I’m looking to find my father whom I’ve never met. His name is Michael David Smith. I know pretty much nothing about him. On my birth certificate it shows that he was born in Tyler, Tx and his birthday is 12-16-1969. He wasn’t married to my mother, Kerry Fitzgerald. My birthday is 08-06-1994. With our names being so common it’s hard to find anything about him on the internet.

  3. My Name is Jerry Funk I was born on June 4 1964 in Libby Montana on Flower creek my Moms Name was Irene Funk all I know was that my dad was a full blood Cherokee and that he brought me little cars when I was ill I was never told his name cuzz we left to fast & moved to Booneville Indiana he did send a letter to my mom once but her husband burnt it up ide just love to prove my heritage & to finally know my dad & to lket him know he has 3 grandchildren

  4. Hi,
    I’m almost 20 yrs old, also a female, I was born in 1995 in the south of England- roughly Wokingham area, I am looking for my biological father. My mother L Simpson told me he left before I was born and has had made now effort to contact me since. I am hoping to get in contact with my bioloic father who I believe is called Darren Harris ? I understand he was a few years older than my mother too, I am just hoping to get in touch and get to know my father.
    Many thanks

  5. I am helping my friend, William Christopher Sherrill, who is looking for his daughter, Jodie Marie Sherrill, born 6/18/78 in Jacksonville, FL, Duval County. Last time he saw her she was 6 years old. Her mother’s name is Diane

  6. My name is [male]Kerry Lehman in my youth 1968 to 1980 I was a bit of a hippy in Sydney living with many young girls and producing children but lost contact with all of them at the time I’m now 66yrs old was wondering if your site might help

  7. Im trying to find my friends father for him he was abandoned. By hid dad at the age of 6 or 7y friend in johnny blake welch from wichita falls tx his mother is dieing his dad was kind of a mobster or had that kind of lifestyle that he chose to follow leaving son and wife behind and never came nack

  8. My name is Glin Kindred. Though in my flamboyant days I was known as Glenn Hintz. I had dated around Portland Oregon a lot and had fallen in love with a Creole Queen named Alexia Knight, from Kingston Jamaica.
    She and I had a strong sense of inner intuition and I don’t know what came over me when I decided to move away….

    In 200 Alexia sent me a bus ticket and a promise to come visit her for a very special gift…. I can only suspect that gift was a child… My intuition tell me that Alexia and I conceived a child in early April of 2003 leaving the birth of our assumed daughter to be around October, November of 2003.

    It would be really nice to reconnect and discover if i did indeed have a child out of matrimony… and would love the opportunity to have her meet me current daughter.

    I yearn for a full family no matter how blended we may be.

  9. Hello, im looking for my real dad, Anthony “Tony” Colombo. The spelling of last name may be Columbo, or Kolumbo. Anthony worked at a HollyMart Liquor Store before and after I was Born in 1974. I belive the store was in Hawthorn California. He worked there for several years, and also knew that I was born, and even saw me a few times. My mothers name was Mary Fern Doyle, Maiden name was Underwood. My mom said they met while she was getting divorced from her 1st husband Charles “chuck” Doyle. I was born 8/26/1974 in Torrance California. I have never seen a picture of my real dad, and i do not remember ever seeing him because i was to little. PLEASE can anyone help me find my dad? or any info I have been trying for years now. Thank you…Tammi Doyle
    You can email me at

  10. Shepperd air force base 1990/ 1991. Mother Roberta, had a daughter and I still think she is mine. Girl would be born in 1991 around Aug. My name richie

  11. I am looking for a man name manwel my mother met him around September 1977 he would have been black I am mix race ,this is when I would have been conceived in Ireland waterford .she said he came in on the boats that would of come into waterford city at that time he was from greece supposedly. Her name is theresa fitzpatrick she was 18 at the time .this is all the information I have .thanks michelle

  12. My name is Modina Chamblin, I live inMadera County,CA. My mother Beverly(toots) was engaged to my father. But broke it off when she thought she would have to move out of state to Oklahoma once they were married. My father’s name is Phillip Carter, son to Art and Eva/ Ava Carter. My father worked for Bass and Sons, his good friend was Ed Bass. I have been looking for 20 years. I would like nothing more than to meet and get to know him and or any family I might have. I was 10 when I asked my mom if I had a different father, for some reason I just knew. Thank You.

  13. I am looking for my biological father. He knows I exist. I have never met him. When I was twelve social services found him in fairfield, california. He refused to take blood tests. The day after my 34th birthday my mom received papers stating that he was paying “child support”, I assume from aide my mom had received when I was a kid. I am 42 now, and would just like to know….. Do i have any brothers or sisters? What is he Like? Stuff like that. His name is Timothy Quick, I was born in Dinuba California. My mom went to high school in Reedley California.

  14. I’m looking for my biological father who knows I exit. I never met him, but several relatives beside my mother met him. Unfortunately, they have all passed away. Because of time I know that he may not be alive, but maybe he had other children who are aware of his past. I was born in Chicago on May 30, 1950; therefore, he lived in Chicago in 1949. I was told he was going to New York to become a lawyer. The names I have from an Aunt and Uncle is Glen Martin, Morris Martin, or Glen Morris from Denton, or Amarillo, Texas. I moved to Texas in 1985. Per my decease Uncle, he was a quiet and neat dressing man. My mother died when I was 14, so I have no information from her. I’ve had my DNA tested, but without a confirmed name and because of time I haven’t had much luck.
    Thank you!
    Lloyd D. Brown

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